Stephanie L. Tschida, M.S., Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

For more than 35 years Stephanie Tschida has provided guidance to adults, children, couples and families, supporting them through a broad range of complex and sensitive situations. Her unique approach to each situation has helped her clients be inspired to take control of their personal issues and achieve lasting change in their lives.

"I believe that we all have great potential for personal understanding, growth, and change throughout our entire lifetime. I view my role as a therapist as listener, observer and guide. I focus on helping my clients achieve greater understanding and wisdom about themselves, and then develop more satisfying and productive ways of dealing with their life challenges so to enhance their quality of their life."

I offer a wide range of services in my practice. I work therapeutically with individual adults and older children who desire support and assistance with various life concerns. When the need involves a relationship, I work with couples and families, either to strengthen and heal their current relationship, or guide and support families when moving through transition and change.

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Therapeutic Approaches
Relationship Therapy
Families in Transition