Families In Transition:

Co-Parent Communication during and after divorce:

Stephanie has unique training and experience with higher conflict families and/or more complicated co-parenting scenarios. She can assist parents who are parenting children from separate homes to be more effective in their ability to communicate, resolve conflict and make decisions together as co-parents.

Services include:

  • Provide assistance and support to the children, and feedback to the parents about the children's emotional needs as well as information about the best interests of children during and after the divorce.
  • Provide assistance with co-parent communication and problem solving to enable the parents to achieve best quality outcomes during the divorce process and be prepared for joint co-parenting after the divorce.
  • Provide support to parents who are co-parenting from separate homes and are having difficulty with resolving issues related to the children.
  • Assist the parents with creating a responsive and developmentally appropriate parenting plan.

Reunification Therapy:

There are times when a parent has been absent from the child during separation and divorce, resulting in a break in the parent child relationship. In these instances, families are often referred to Stephanie for Reunification Therapy in order to build or repair the parent child relationship and rebalance the family.